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Promotion of workplace culture reform

We are committed to the promotion of workplace culture reform

We received the designation of “Employers to promote workplace culture reform” from Director of Shiga of the 21st Century Occupation Foundation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Receive this designation, we endeavour to the reform of workplace culture in order to develop a working environment for employees to balance work and life, able to work with confidence.

General employer action plan
  • Development of the employment relationship in order to support the coexistence of occupational life and family life of the workers who do the child rearing.
【Objective 1】 Ensuring alternative personnel during maternity leave, review business content and business systems as improve the environment to easy to take childcare leave and return to work.
【Objective 2】 Inform the various systems such as childcare leave based on Child Care and Family Care Leave Law, Childcare leave benefit based on Employment Insurance Law, Maternity leave based on Labour Standards Law, etc.
  • To allow employees more involved in child rearing, do a review of the ways of working, including all employees
【Objective 1】 Implementation of measures to promote the acquisition of paid annual leave
  • Improve the corporate image by the company as a member of society to contribute to child rearing, and by working in the social participation of students, etc. (Matters relating to measures to support the development of the next generation)
【Objective 1】 In cooperation with local elementary and junior high schools, conduct company tours
【Objective 2】 Provide work experience opportunities for young people, such as internships, promotion of hiring or employment training through trial employment.

Shinsei Kagaku Kougyo Co., Ltd.
President Miyata Yoichi
Revised March 15, 2011

Monozukuri Genki Company

We were chosen to “Monozukuri Genki Company 2008” from Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

While enhancing the core expertise in precision injection molding technology, we will endeavour to continue to contribute to society through the product.

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