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By metal sticking injection molding , Waterproofing /Drip-proof!

Metal sticking injection molding by Shinsei original technology.

Evaluation of terminal inserted Connector: heat cycle⇒seal test

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    Metal sticking injection molding
    No water leak
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    General Inserting injection molding
    Water leaks from the narrow slit between terminal and housing.

Micro-Bubble printing without an organic solvent!

Micro-Bubble printing by Shinsei original technology

1.1. Because not using an organic solvent at all,
print handling and recycling / disposal spot,
It does not have effects to environment.
2.An eco-friendly processing method of plastic.
Printing is possible without using the paint at all!
3.A printing result is stronger than the painting by exfoiling!
4.The visibility is higher than normal laser printing.

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High flow ability by soaked pellets injection molding!

Microcellular Plastic Foam by Shinsei original technology

1.It improves fluidity of the molding resin.
2.It realizes highly precise resin molding.
3.It contributes to light weighting.

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AKI-LOCK Technology!

In the past, when molding different types of resins together or when molding rubber to resin, there were great constraints using conventional technology to combine dissimilar materials. Now Polyplastics’ newly developed AKI-Lock® technology makes this process possible. AKI-Lock® uses a special laser treatment of the filler-reinforced resin molded article surface to create an anchor-like structure for the secondary molding material. It is a technology that yields high bonding strength.

AKI-Lock® technology is now available for use in Shinsei Kagaku Kogyo’s manufacturing processes.

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