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Company name Shinsei Kagaku Kougyo Co., Ltd. img
Headquarters 〒520-0001
6-12 Hasuike cho, Otsu city, Shiga pref.
TEL:077-524-7101(Pilot number)
Offices(plants and laboratories)
Date of establishment April 1963
Company History
Date of founding July 1965
Capital 33,000,000 yen(600 million yen total group)
Representative A representative director Youichi Miyata
Business Description Manufacture and sale of Precision Plastic Molding
Design, manufacture and sale of molds for Precision Plastic Molding
Design, manufacture and sale of peripheral automatic machine
Secondary processing such as assembly, printing, welding
Number of Employees 240 persons(including part-time)
Authentication credentials ISO14001(Certification in April 1999)
ISO9001(Certification in April 2000)
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