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Thank you for your great usual support to our company.

We have grown with development of engineering plastics since Tsuneo Miyata, the founder of our company, succeeded in developing of a valve for an aerosol in 1963.

We would like to improve our skills such as resin technology (efficient use and stabilization), production technology (original skills around conjugated molding in facility development etc.), and mould technology (pursuit of precision and speed) to be instrumental in our customers’ problems.
We also aim that people become pleased with our manufacturing through our products and skills all over the world.

We look forward to working with you.

March 15, 2011 Shinsei Kagaku Kougyo Co., Ltd.


Mission 「Flourished along with the employees」

The mission of Shinsei Kagaku Kougyo Co., Ltd. is making a production, sales and service satisfaction to our customers, and flourish with our employees

Values 「Philosophy one step ahead」

We look ahead to the next generation by Philosophy one step ahead and challenge against issues

Vision 「Create an attractive company」
  • We aim to be an attractive company for our customers in quality, cost, speed, core technology, and Global support
  • We aim to be an attractive company that aims to make a sound management and to improve the lives of employees.

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